Negotiate Overcoming early job-insecurity in Europe

Discussing early job insecurity and the consequences for the transition to adulthood at a conference in Cyprus

by Ischi Graus

On 29-30 September Bulgarian researcher Lyuba Spasova as representative of the ISSK NEGOTIATE team, took part in the 2017 Youth Conference “Precarious youth employment – challenges and solutions through stronger participation of young people in the social dialogue” that took place in Kato Platres, Cyprus. The conference was organised by the EZA Platform for Young Workers in collaboration with DEOK Cyprus and brought together young experts and activist from labor syndicates and NGOs with researchers and policy makers from all over Europe.

As invited speaker Lyuba Spasova gave a talk on the core findings of the NEGOTIATE life-course interviews on early job insecurity and the consequences for the transition to adulthood. Drawing on NEGOTIATE Working paper No. 5.3 “An interview study of early job insecurity and consequences for the transition to adulthood” and NEGOTIATE Working paper No. 4.4 “Youth unemployment and the consequences for life satisfaction and social trust in seven European countries” she presented findings on the aspects of marginalisation and social exclusion of young people connected to employment insecurity, the patterns of active agency on the pathway to adulthood in relation to employment, education and family building and the effects of employment insecurity on life satisfaction and social trust.

In her talk as well as while taking part in other conference activities Lyuba was able to present the aims and tasks of the NEGOTIATE project and distributed leaflets among the other participants.

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