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Youth unemployment and the consequences for life satisfaction and social trust

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This January a new NEGOTIATE Working paper has been published on ‘Youth unemployment and the consequences for life satisfaction and social trust in seven European countries’ written by I. Tolgensbakk, J. Solstad Vedeler and B. Hvinden of the Oslo and Akershus University. In their paper they aim to understand the subjective effects of youth unemployment […]

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Labour market, education, employment: contemporary challenges and perspectives

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Words by Gabriela Yordanova On 28-29 of November 2016, the Bulgarian Negotiate team took part in an international conference “LABOUR MARKET, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT: CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES”. The event was organized by the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ips-bas.org) and Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Sofia (kas.de). […]

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NEGOTIATE lunch-time debate on the impact of the economic crisis on youth

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On European Youth Plan Action Day SOLIDAR Foundation hosted a lunch time debate on the Impact of the economic crisis on youth. The aim of this event was to present the first findings from the research project NEGOTIATE, look at measures such as the Youth Guarantee and discuss approaches to tackle youth unemployment and improve youth’s […]

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Youth unemployment leaves life-long scars

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Being young and unemployed is not all about having less money in your pocket. Young unemployed people will feel the negative consequences on income, job opportunities and well-being for the rest of their lives. Written by: Caroline Svendsen, Nic Mitchell and Lise Swensen Photos: Skjalg B. Vold, HiOA For young people trying to move from education […]

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Youth Guarantee – turning political priority into reality

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In 2013 the EU Member States committed themselves to provide youth with a Youth Guarantee scheme. This “forward-looking and fundamental structural reform” aimed to provide a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within a period of four months after becoming unemployed or leaving formal education. For implementation of this […]