Universität Bremen (DE)

University of Bremen logo Founded in 1971, the University of Bremen currently has 20,000 students and 2,300 academic staff. Some of the ground-breaking educational concepts implemented in the University’s early days – which came to be known as the Bremer Modell – have since become established features of modern university education all over Germany. These include: interdisciplinary study and research, research-based teaching projects, orientation to practice, and responsibility towards society. These have been supplemented with new aims like internationalisation, opportunities for junior scientists and scholars in structured post-graduate programmes, gender equality, and an added sense of purpose as a ‘learning institution’.

During the first round of the ‘Excellence Initiative 2006’ to identify Germany’s best universities, Bremen was placed in the top ten and was rewarded within the ‘Excellence Initiative 2012’. It is also in the top ten universities in the acquisition of third-party funding.

Main tasks in NEGOTIATE

The NEGOTIATE team at the IAW (UB) will lead WP8 and will be involved in all other WPs, except WPs 6 and 7.


Alexandra Harshem-Wangler, Lisa Steinberg, Sonja Bastin and Irene Dingeldey.