University of Brighton (UK)

University of Brighton logoThe Centre for Research on Management and Employment (CROME) ( is based at the University of Brighton, Business School (BBS). This is a strong and vibrant hub of international and locally based researchers. We proactively engage with practitioners and institutions in order to encourage fairer work places, constantly translating our research into practice. Partners in our research include businesses and not-for-profit organisations, unions and government at local and international level. We use an interdisciplinary perspective, making connections between our four key research areas:

  • law;
  • employment policy;
  • managing organisational change and behaviour; and
  • human resource management.

BBS has been involved in numerous projects funded by both national and international bodies e.g. EU FP6 and the European Foundation; it is also currently involved in five Knowledge Transfer Partnerships working with large companies and SMEs. The researchers are also coordinating the EU FP7 STYLE project on Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe (

 Main tasks in NEGOTIATE

CROME will lead WP2 and will also contribute to all other WPs, except WP7.


Margherita Bussi and Jaqueline O’Reilly.