SOLIDAR Foundation (BE)

SOLIDAR Foundation logoSOLIDAR is a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. With 60 member organisations based in 25 countries, 20 of which are EU countries, SOLIDAR works in cooperation with progressive civil society organisations, social democratic and socialist parties, and trade unions. SOLIDAR aims to influence EU and international policy, and links members together to network and carry out humanitarian and development projects.

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SOLIDAR is active in three primary areas: social affairs, international cooperation and education.

  1. Social Affairs: SOLIDAR’s overarching theme is the call for a more social Europe. This means access to high-quality, accessible, affordable social care for all members of society; a balanced approach to economic, employment and social policy; social inclusion and freedom from discrimination and the active involvement of civil society (citizens) in policy-making.
  2. International Cooperation: SOLIDAR works on the issues of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, international trade, migration and integration, and also plays a coordinating role in cooperation in the field regarding humanitarian aid projects in areas including Sri Lanka, India, the Western Balkans and the Middle East. SOLIDAR is a member of the Decent Work Decent Life Alliance and coordinates The Global Network project.
  3. Education: SOLIDAR focuses on access to education for all, lifelong learning (LLL) and professional training and the accompanying social services. The thematic areas we are currently working on are building learning societies, validation of non-formal and informal learning, highlighting the importance of recognising skills and competences, and fostering intercultural dialogue.

SOLIDAR works to empower trade unionists, local activists and grassroots organisations through lifelong learning (education & training) in order to promote decent work, social cohesion and social inclusion for all. SOLIDAR’s members provide lifelong learning and further education opportunities to socio-economic and culturally vulnerable groups such as young people, migrants, low skilled workers etc. on a daily basis.

SOLIDAR members have a long-standing tradition in the empowerment of people through lifelong learning; they actively promote social cohesion, active inclusion and participation in society. The Network brings together 28 Workers’ education associations, trade union institutes and popular education movements from 19 EU Member States.

SOLIDAR works in cooperation with progressive civil society organisations, trade unions and progressive parties. SOLIDAR is a member of the Social Platform, CONCORD (EU NGO Confederation for Relief and Development) and EUCIS-LLL (European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning). SOLIDAR’s network of European Stakeholders includes the European Commission, European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions and the European Trade Union Confederation

Main tasks in NEGOTIATE

SOLIDAR will be co-leader of WP9 together with NOVA, mainly focusing on advocacy and the communication strategy to present the project results to the wide range of stakeholders (including the organisation of the final conference in close collaboration with NOVA). SOLIDAR will also take an active part in WP2 and WP8.


Agata Patecka