University of Basel (CH)

University of Basel logoThe Social Research and Methodology Group (SRaM) in the University of Basel’s Department of Social Sciences is an academic community engaged in applied and policy-relevant research in the social sciences. Our substantive interests are education, work, organisations, health and gender. SRaM members are currently managing several large-scale research projects, amongst others the Swiss youth panel survey TREE.

Publications of the group appear in English, French, and German in national and international journals in the fields of economics, education, management, methodology, political science, psychology, and sociology. Our research has been funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, various Swiss Federal Departments, for-profit and not-for-profit, governmental and non-governmental organisations among others.

Members of SRaM are engaged in the supervision of research projects and student dissertations (BA, MA, and PhD), as members of editorial boards and editors of various national and international peer-reviewed journals as well as in evaluating research proposals, intervention programmes, academic degrees, and university units nationally and internationally. Every year, we organise national and international academic workshops and conferences. Beyond substantive teaching on the BA, MA, and PhD level at the University of Basel, we are actively engaged in teaching research methods and design in national and international summer and winter schools for PhD candidates and university staff in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bonn, Bremen, Kampala, Essex, Florence, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Ljubljana, Lugano, Mannheim, Neuchâtel, Pretoria, São Paulo, Singapore, Stellenbosch, Tampere, Vienna, and Zurich.

Main tasks in NEGOTIATE People

UNIBAS will co-lead WP 6 (together with UDG), will lead WP7 and will be involved in all other WPs except WP4 and WP5.


Lulu P. Shi, Laura Helbling, Stefan Sacchi, Christian Imdorf and Max Manfred Bergman.