Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (EL)

Logo of Panteion universityPanteion University was founded in Athens in 1934 as the Panteios Great School of Political Sciences. After gradually expanding from political sciences into social sciences, the Panteios School became a university that specializes in social and political sciences in 1989. It has currently 10 Departments and 18 Research Centres as well as 18,142 undergraduate and 147 Masters students. Its departments cover numerous scientific disciplines and interdisciplinary fields such as political science and public administration, international and European studies, economics and regional studies, culture and media while it is the only university in Athens to have departments and offer studies in sociology, social policy, anthropology and psychology.

Main tasks in NEGOTIATE

UPSPS will lead WP3. UPSPS will also contribute to all WPs except WP6. UPSPS will host one of the consortium meetings (month 7).


Dimitri Parsanglou, Korina Kominou, Glykeria Stamatopoulou, Maria Symeonaki and Maria Karamessini.