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The role of the economic crisis in determining the degree of early job insecurity in Europe

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The overarching aim of WP3 is to set out a general context in which young people in each country and across Europe form their work expectations and «negotiate» their labour market integration and transition from youth to adulthood. Maria Symeonaki and the Greek team at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (UPSPS), Greece have […]

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Strategies to improve labour market integration of young people

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WP8 deals with the co-ordination of policy measures and strategies to strengthen young people`s negotiating position in the transition to the labour market. Central to this is the development and coordination of policy efforts within systems of multi-level governance. The first stage is to develop a framework and a common template for national chapters concerning the […]

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Unemployment, drugs and attitudes among European youth

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The seventh NEGOTIATE working paper, “The effects of the economic crisis on drug consumption of young individuals in Europe – unemployment, drugs and attitudes among European youth”, focuses on understanding whether strong negative labour market conditions have an effect on youth adolescents’ consumption of both legal and illegal drugs. NEGOTIATE working paper no D4.2 (pdf) […]