A picture from the second Negotiate national stakeholder meeting

Policy coordination and the implementation of the Youth Guarantee (YG)


The second Negotiate national stakeholder meeting took place on November 27th 2016 once again at the Representative Office of the ‘Land’ Bremen in Berlin. The meeting brought together social partners, Federal Associations of vocational training providers and welfare organisations, representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the regional government in Bremen (senator) […]

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A picture from the conference

Labour market, education, employment: contemporary challenges and perspectives


Words by Gabriela Yordanova On 28-29 of November 2016, the Bulgarian Negotiate team took part in an international conference “LABOUR MARKET, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT: CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES”. The event was organized by the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ips-bas.org) and Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Sofia (kas.de). […]

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