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Bjørn Hvinden

Bjørn Hvinden

Scientific Coordinator
Title: Head of research/ Professor
Faculty/ Department: NOVA
Field of study: Sociology
Subject areas: Welfare state, Disability, Welfare Policy, EU- European policy, Social citizenship
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Photo: NOVA


I have a master degree (1977) and a PhD degree (1992), both in sociology and from the University of Oslo. In my occupational life, I have switched between applied social research (from 2006 at NOVA), and teaching and research at universities (University of Oslo 1991-92 and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim 1994-2007). Being a Professor of Sociology since 1995, I am currently Adjunct Professor at the UiT Artic University of Norway, Tromsø. I have been visiting scholar / professor at the universities of Edinburgh, Umeå, Helsinki, Bremen, Copenhagen and Lund. I directed a Nordic project on Active Citizenship 2002-05, and a virtual Nordic Centre of Excellence on the Nordic Welfare Model 2007-13. Currently, I direct an EU-project on the conditions for Active Citizenship by persons with disabilities (2013-16), a project funded by the Research Council of Norway on Sustainable European Welfare Societies (2014-17). I am partner in other cross-national projects.

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