WP1 Management


  • Management of the project and overall coordination of activities
    • Ensure implementation of work packages
    • Ensure timely achievement of project results
    • Administrative and financial coordination
    • Ensure scientific excellence of research and deliverables

Description of Work:

Task 1.1 Administrative management

Coordinate and oversee the implementation of the work packages and provide administrative support:

  • Definition of reporting procedures including information support for Consortium Members regarding documentation and preparation of reports and deliverables
  • Organisation, implementation and evaluation of consortium meetings, workshops and conferences, including collaboration with Consortium and Committee Members
  • Cooperation with the European Commission and maintenance of the project website in the Participant Portal and of the project website with intranet, provision of e-mail lists and message boards

Lead partner: HiOA–NOVA. Participants: All Consortium Members. Duration: months 1-36

Task 1.2 Financial management

Take responsibility for and provide support on all financial issues:

  • Establishment and maintenance of financial records at HiOA – NOVA
  • Provision of information to Consortium Members on all financial issues (e.g. forms for documentation of relevant costs)
  • Timely submission of reports

Lead partner: HiOA–NOVA. Additional participants: All Consortium Members. Duration: months 1-36

Task 1.3 Quality management

Ensure high quality of project results:

  • Establishment of workflows that will guarantee the achievement of high-quality project results as planned
  • Coordinate and edit deliverables and dissemination material
  • Establishment of the data and risk management strategy (see sections 2.2 and 3.2) and appropriate contingency plans in the case of delays and unexpected changes

Participants: Task implemented by HiOA – NOVA in cooperation with all Consortium Members. Duration: months 1-36