NEGOTIATE featured in the publication of the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM)

The monthly bulletin for February 2016 of The Bulgarian Association for People Management ( (BAPM) includes information about the project Negotiate – Overcoming Early Job Insecurity in Europe.  The text in the bulletin presents the project goals and objectives, the international partners involved, and the Bulgarian team. It informs readers about the envisaged employer experiment and in-depth interviews with three generations on the topic of early labour market insecurity.

BAPM was established in the year 2000 and at present has over 850 individual and corporate members. They all receive the bulletin by email. The bulletin is also accessible at the Internet site of the association:; issues of the bulletin will be preserved in the site archive. Thus, the information published by the association can reach a wider circle of stakeholders.

BAPM is a non-governmental organization, established to support and develop professionals in the field of people management. The Association is a member of the National Stakeholder Committee – Bulgaria, Negotiate. Its representatives participated in the first national stakeholder meeting held in December 2015; in this way, BAPM promotes the inclusion of employers in the vignette study (WP7).

Words by Gabriela Yordanova