Job-hopping sends negative signals to Bulgarian employers

A young man at a job interview

The employer report from Bulgaria is officially released. The study registers a shortage of staff in five sectors of employment in Bulgaria, together with the presence of attitudes among those selecting people for recruitment, which limit the potential circle of candidates for job openings.

The survey was focused on five economic sectors, in each of which, specific positions were sought:machine building  – mechanics; finance and insurance services – finance clerk; healthcare – nursing; hotel and restaurant industry – waiter/waitress information technologies – IT specialist.

Frequent change of jobs is seen by employers as a negative signal that has greater weight than periods of unemployment in the candidate’s biography.

The most important characteristics looked at when hiring people in Bulgaria are the skills for team work the willingness to undergo additional training and a suitable education. Despite this, student status is assessed by employers in some cases as an obstacle to performing one’s duties in the company. The degree of completed education is more important for employers in Bulgaria than the concrete specialty in which job candidates have graduated.”

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