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NEGOTIATE lunch-time debate on the impact of the economic crisis on youth

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On European Youth Plan Action Day SOLIDAR Foundation hosted a lunch time debate on the Impact of the economic crisis on youth. The aim of this event was to present the first findings from the research project NEGOTIATE, look at measures such as the Youth Guarantee and discuss approaches to tackle youth unemployment and improve youth’s […]

A picture from the workshop

Factorial Survey in Recruiter Surveys. An Epilog.

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Words by Christian Imdorf, Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel (UNIBAS) The Workshop “Factorial survey designs in labor market research” took place on 9 November 2016 at the University of Bern. Several Swiss research teams present preliminary results of recruiter survey experiments, offering a platform for fruitful discussion of results and analytical strategies: amongst […]

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New Working paper: Explaining consequences of employment insecurity

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“Explaining consequences of employment insecurity: The dynamics of scarring in the United Kingdom, Poland and Norway” working paper presents the study on scarring effects of early employment insecurities. This study goes beyond the traditional analysis to better understand the trade-offs experienced by young workers faced with an insecure labour market integration. The studies from the […]

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Workshop: Factorial Designs in Recruiter Surveys

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Workshop at the University of Bern. Wednesday, 9 November 2016 Location: University of Bern, Unitobler (Room F-105) and von Roll area (Room B 305) The workshop aims at an exchange on labor market vignette studies, especially on recruitment and hiring. The focus will be on discussing issues of analyzing experimental vignette study data, embedded in recruiter surveys. Several research […]

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NEGOTIATE at the ISA Forum in Vienna July 2016

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The Third ISA Forum was organized in Vienna, Austria, 10-14 July 2016. The topic was “The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World”. This theme encourages a forward-orientation in empirical, theoretical, and normative research to tackle the problems and opportunities that often cut across borders. The NEGOTIETE team presented a […]

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The role of the economic crisis in determining the degree of early job insecurity in Europe

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The overarching aim of WP3 is to set out a general context in which young people in each country and across Europe form their work expectations and «negotiate» their labour market integration and transition from youth to adulthood. Maria Symeonaki and the Greek team at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (UPSPS), Greece have […]

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Strategies to improve labour market integration of young people

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WP8 deals with the co-ordination of policy measures and strategies to strengthen young people`s negotiating position in the transition to the labour market. Central to this is the development and coordination of policy efforts within systems of multi-level governance. The first stage is to develop a framework and a common template for national chapters concerning the […]

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Start of the recruiter survey

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In a recruiter survey NEGOTIATE investigates the decision making of recruiters when they hire for qualified jobs. We are interested to understand from the recruiter’s perspective how early job insecurity of job applicants can affect their future career. The survey covers five sectors (health, gastronomy, IT, finance, and mechanics) in four countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Norway […]